10 Tool Kit Essentials for The Adventure Seeking Motorcyclist

A tool kit should be with you at all times when riding a motorcycle. For those of you who like to adventure off road with your bike, there are a few considerations you need to take into account. Check out the 10 tool kit essentials for the adventure seeking motorcyclist:

1. Tubes

Sooner or later you will get a flat. Even if you have a tubeless tire, a tube can save you in a pinch. If you only have room to carry one tube, carry a 21" since you can use it in either of your tires in a pinch. Pre-powder your tube, and keep it in a sealed zip bag.

2. Tire irons

A set of tire irons will be needed in the event you do have a flat tire. Motion Pro makes some small and easy to carry irons that work great for any sized tire.

3. Some sort of air pump

You have to get air back in your tires somehow... A compact bicycle pump works. Or you can check out MotoPump. They make several styles of compact air compressors that plug into your battery tender lead.

4. Valve stem remover

This is an essential piece of kit if you do have a flat tire. This handy little tool is what you use to get the core out of the valve stem, making a tube replacement much easier!

5. Bike specific tool kit

Every bike should come with a factory tool kit. Typically these tool kits have several wrenches, screwdrivers, wire cutter/pliers, along with other bike specific tools. Always carry this with you, in case you need to tighten something up, or repair something on the go.

6. Safety wire and zip ties

You can fix just about anything with safety wire and zip ties. I once held together the axle adjuster on my BMW 650GS Dakar (bike at the time) with some safety wire. It got me home, so I could order the parts I needed. And zip ties are good for holding things together!

7. Duct tape

Duct tape is always handy. They even make small rolls that would fit perfectly in a tool kit.

8. Dawn dish soap

This is a multi use tool. Not only can you keep your moto-travel stink to a minimum... You can use this stuff as tire lube for swapping tubes, or even make a fog treatment for your face shield.

9. Tire pressure gauge

Checking your tire pressure is important. Going without this necessary tool could result in the need to use the other tire specific tools listed above. Carry a good tire pressure gauge. Always

10. Tow straps

It is inevitable that one day you may find yourself broken down to the point where you can not repair your motorbike in the field. Tow straps make your extraction much easier, especially if you are riding with friends. They also double as hammock straps, or can be used to tie down luggage in a pinch.