AGV AX8 Dual Evo Helmet

After the success of AGV’s AX8 off road helmet and growth of the dual sport market, along came the AX8-Dual. AGV then improved on key features found in the AX8 Dual, making the AX8-Dual Evo one of the finest dual sport helmets on the market. Its comfortable, quiet, and lightweight design gives both the Arai XD and Shoei Hornet DS series a run for their money.

The shell is constructed of a Fiberglass-Kevlar-Carbon material making this one of the lightest helmets on the dual sport market at 1,514 grams. To compare, the Arai XD4 weighs in at 1,642g and the Shoei Hornet comes in a little closer at 1,542g. Don’t let the lightweight fool you though. It is DOT and ECE 22.05 approved so you are not sacrificing safety when you wear this helmet.

Unlike most helmets on the market today, the Dual Evo has a “slight narrow” fit. This allows a wider variety of people to comfortably wear the helmet. That being said, those who have an exaggerated “round” or “long oval” head shape may find the fit uncomfortable. This helmet’s Integrated Ventilation System (IVS) is top notch with a wide channel hollowed directly in the shell, improving airflow throughout. And believe me there is plenty of air flow with 5 air vents on the front, 2 adjacent air intakes, and 2 rear extractors. The vent sliders have a very solid feel and are easy to operate with gloves. For as ventilated as the Dual Evo is, it is relatively quiet and warm in cold weather. The chin curtain on this helmet is the best one of any dual sport helmet to date, keeping wind from blowing up the underside. The curtain is quick to add and remove; however, it can be easily knocked out of place while riding. The inner liner is composed of a Dry-lex material that is completely removable and washable, including the flap on the strap. This liner is also used in the AX8 off road helmet due to its quick drying ability and comfort.

Aerodynamically, the AX8-Dual Evo is very smooth and creates nearly no “dual sport lift” or buffeting with the peak. The visor is easily removable and replaceable, and there is a tinted option available. My only gripe with the visor was it is hard to open and close. The tab is difficult to use with gloves on, and it requires quite a bit of force to lift (sometimes causing the helmet to lift instead of the visor). There are three variations to wearing this helmet. For adventure touring and supermoto riding you will ride with both the peak and visor. For MX and enduro riding simply remove the visor to easily accommodate goggles. The street fighter style will remove the peak but leave the visor.

Overall, this is a quality helmet designed for the dual sport enthusiast. The styling and comfort is something to brag about with the AX8-Dual Evo. Plus, at 20-30% off the cost of the top of the line helmet brands, this is a more affordable option without sacrificing quality.  Retail: 399.95   Extra tinted shield retail: 69.95



Chin curtain is large enough to stop airflow (great in cold weather)

No buffeting with the peak




Hard to open and close the visor

Unable to crack visor slightly to let air in

Breath deflector and chin curtain are hard to keep in place