An Excellent Addition to Your Tool Kit - MotoPump's Mini Pro Deluxe!

Just about every person I know that travels on a motorcycle is constantly developing the perfect tool kit. While an individual's definition of the perfect tool kit will vary, the list of motor related afflictions and necessities does not. Most processes to remedy problems are specific to the machine, but some are universal, such as a tire slowly loosing air over time. I recently added the MotoPump Mini Pro Deluxe to my tool kit and, it has certainly proven useful for fixing that problem.

The pump weighs 18 ounces and is 2"x4.75"x5.75". Stowed inside this compact package is the 6.5 foot main power cord with SAE plug and a 3.5 foot cable with a powerlet plug. The ten feet of cable combined with the coiled polyurethane air hose is more than adequate to reach any of your tire filling tasks. The three foot long air hose is also stored on board and features a Zero Loss air connector. Additionally, the pump features polarity protection, an LED work light, and a backlit air pressure gauge that reads up to 50psi. I did find that the Mini Pros gauge reads a few psi high. This is an easy thing to remember however, and is not a huge problem. The integrated pressure gauge is an often overlooked feature by competitors. It really helps to streamline airing up or down when changing terrain. The pump is also equipped with various fittings for filling things such as sports equipment or air mattresses.

As far as performance goes, the little pump does quite well. It fills my 150/70 R 18 rear tire from flat to the prescribed 37psi in just under eight minutes and does so at a tolerable decibel level. The longest I have ran mine is just over twenty minutes. The pump was warm but the heat was definitely being managed well. MotoPumps does say to give it a rest after half an hour of continuous running.

The Mini Pro Standard will set you back $69.95. This includes the Mini Pro pump and the SAE powerlet adapter. For a reasonable $10 more the Mini Pro Deluxe kit includes an SAE ring terminal lead, battery clip adapter, and a nifty neoprene bag for the pump.

I would absolutely recommending the Mini Pro to anyone in the market for a power sports pump. It's an extremely high quality product that's obviously engineered by people who ride.



Compact design

LED work light

 Integrated pressure gauge



Pressure gauge reads 3psi high