Hydration for the Duration: USWE F6 Pro Hydropack

Whether you are a defending enduro champion, a round-the-world adventurer, or a weekend dirt warrior; you know that proper hydration can play an important role in your performance on the track, road, or trail. As a motorcyclist in any scenario, you are exposed to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, wind, and physical exertion. Dehydration, like tax season, can creep up on you before you even realize it. Mental fogginess, slowed reaction time, and bad decision making are some of the first symptoms. Fatigue, dizziness, and confusion are soon to follow. Any of these symptoms, especially when combined, can cause you to crash. If you are a competitive rider, improper hydration could cost you your next podium spot. Don’t fall victim to the consequences of dehydration when you are out on your next ride, invest in a proper hydration system (like the USWE F6 Pro Hydropack) and spare yourself the injuries and humiliation.

The USWE F6 Pro Hydropack was designed with the off-road motorcycle rider in mind. Their revolutionary “No Dancing Monkey” technology ensures an absolutely bounce free fit, so no more worry about your pack throwing you off balance in those tight technical sections. This model comes with a 3 liter (100oz) hydration bladder and a quick detach hose with a 45 degree bite valve. The hose is held in place with tube clips, and unlike any other hydration pack I have tried, it holds the hose in place so no more riding one handed while searching for your flopping tube. The backpack itself is 15 liters (great for carrying a first aid kit and a few snacks) and once filled, you can cinch it down to pull the weight in close to your body. The pack is also filled with small zippered pockets, so you can keep your things organized and quickly accessible. The chest harness has an easy to use buckle, which makes taking the pack on and off much easier, especially when you have all of your gear on.

Just like your bike, your body is a machine that needs fluids in order to operate properly. The USWE F6 Pro Hydropack is a great hydration system for any motorcyclist and is now a regular part of my riding gear. If you are planning on using this pack in a race setting, I suggest also purchasing the Helmet Handsfree Kit ($34 from their website) which attaches the hose directly to your helmet so you can sip quickly without taking your hands off the handlebars.

MSRP: $149.00



Stays in place with “No Dancing Monkey” technology

100oz bladder

Zippered internal pockets keep things in place


Must purchase the Helmet Handsfree system separately

Bite valve restricts water flow making it more difficult to get a “quick sip” in a race setting