Ribfest Rally 2016

Ribfest is by far one of the best dual-sport rallies in the South Eastern US. Every October the BMW Club of Nashville puts together a small grassroots rally just outside of Centerville, TN.

About 100-200 riders show up annually to explore the beauty of fall in Middle Tennessee. Of course, as the name suggests, there is no shortage of fine ribs!

There are many dual sport rides to jump in on throughout the weekend. Centerville is surrounded by beautiful country roads, many of them gravel. Friday night is the start of the bike games with the slow races, string/barrel wraps, and more. Saturday is when the big games take place on the obstacle course. It is worth sticking around Saturday to watch the games take place!

Saturday afternoon they fire up the smoker, cooking fresh ribs till the wee hours of the morning. Don't forget to put a tally next to your name on the smoker. It is a Ribfest tradition!


It is one heck of a gathering, you don't want to miss the next one!

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