Straight and Steady Stabilized Steering - MSC Moto RM3 Steering Damper

MSC Products Australia began manufacturing steering dampers in 1995 and have been steadily developing their product line since. The RM3 is the latest damper they’re offering for adventure bikes. It features the Active Return to Center system that MSC Moto developed with KTM Australia’s factory desert race team. On previous models the rider could select the way the damper would behave when returning to center via a three-position selector switch based on riding conditions. For example, when riding at higher speeds it’s usually best to have a damper that will dampen in both directions. This helps to keep the front settled and the rider smiling. However, if the going gets tight, having a damper that effectively restricts your ability to turn the motorcycle is not ideal. The Active RTC system on the RM3 automatically works out how much to dampen the return to the center circuit; this means the damper will function as intended at high or low speeds and still allow the rider to counter steer or turn quickly if needed. The RM3 is also equipped with a twenty-position adjuster which allows for a fine degree of adjustment. The adjuster is easy to manipulate with gloves on and isn’t difficult to access when adjustment is needed. Additionally, the RM3 is simple to install because it mounts to the factory top triple clamp.  


     The RM3 is extremely well built and has excellent features; the range of dampening adjustment is spot on and the Active RTC is an innovative feature that’s unique to MSC dampers. I only have two issues with the RM3. First, the instructions included for my bike were for an older model damper. Admittedly, this is only a small quarrel since the process is identical and the damper is very easy to install anyway. Second, the RM3 is relatively pricy considering it does not require a top triple clamp. Overall however, the RM3 is an extremely high quality steering damper and these are small issues with an otherwise superb product. Motorcyclists spend thousands on upgrades that have a minimal effect on their riding. A steering stabilizer may still be spendy, but it’s certainly more noticeable than the few horse power an expensive exhaust system provides for instance. If you are in the market for a steering damper MSC Moto is definitely worth a look at

MSRP: $645.00


- No need to replace the top triple clamp.

- Active RTC is a nice feature


- Relatively expensive considering no top triple is included.