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Hydration for the Duration: USWE F6 Pro Hydropack

Whether you are a defending enduro champion, a round-the-world adventurer, or a weekend dirt warrior; you know that proper hydration can play an important role in your performance on the track, road, or trail. As a motorcyclist in any scenario, you are exposed to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, wind, and physical exertion. Dehydration, like tax season, can creep up on you before you even realize it. Mental fogginess, slowed reaction time, and bad decision making are some of the first symptoms. Fatigue, dizziness, and confusion are soon to follow. Any of these symptoms, especially when combined, can cause you to crash.

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AGV AX8 Dual Evo Helmet

After the success of AGV’s AX8 off road helmet and growth of the dual sport market, along came the AX8-Dual. AGV then improved on key features found in the AX8 Dual, making the AX8-Dual Evo one of the finest dual sport helmets on the market. Its comfortable, quiet, and lightweight design gives both the Arai XD and Shoei Hornet DS series a run for their money.

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