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The Riding Academy



Maybe you dream of riding your motorcycle to remote parts of the world many will only dream of or maybe you just want to ride through the local forest service roads to get to your favorite campsite for a weekend away from the grind. Maybe you are strictly a road-going motorcyclist but you want to improve your riding skills and gain confidence on two wheels when hairy situations arise. You may have already ventured off the asphalt but are looking for extra tuition and confidence.

We offer training for all skill levels from basic to advanced. Our courses are certain to bring you a new perspective on motorcycling, even if you never leave the pavement. Off-road training is one of the best investments you can make, learning to quickly manage your machine in limited traction situations can be a lifesaver.

To schedule your private off-road training course, contact us today!

Not in our area? We will travel to you!

 “I went from a 2 to a 10 on the confidence scale this weekend. Besides seriously improving our off-road skills, we had an awesome time in a beautiful, relaxed setting while making incredible new friends and connections.”

-Tracy Mayo, Student

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We offer completely customizable private courses for groups. We will work with your group to establish confidence both on and off-road. Our courses incorporate team building exercises, and are ideal for groups or families who ride together often. We work with you to tailor our course so it fits the needs of your group

“I was HUNGRY to learn how to handle the beast on gravel. After one day of instruction I felt so much more ready to tackle the curves and more. Day two I was taking curves in gravel better than I'd ever thought I could and I'm just beginning! Add to that the great instructors and mentors and awesome women to learn with and you've got the ultimate learning machine.”

-Kim Teems, Student

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“This course was such a good opportunity to go back to the basics and get rid of bad habits. I already feel like a better rider and can't wait to continue to practice the drills that we learned.”

-Cory Wall, Student

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